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Technologies we work with


PMS is a leading iOS/ iPhone app development company that hires only mature and talented expert iOS developers. We enable our clients to create the very best custom applications for the iOS ecosystem. We ensure that the delivery of your build has the most recent iOS version.

PMS is a mature and experienced Flutter app development company delivering fast, powerful, intelligent and clean iOS and Android apps sparing no time using the flutter open-source mobile SDK. PMS has internal talent that provides experienced flutter developers creating phenomenal mobile applications

Whether you need a full-time or part-time iOS application developer, rest assured PMS uses mature development practices to build high-impact, result-driven iOS apps for iPhones, iPads, and iWatches. PMS has Certified iOS Developers who work exclusively on iOS development.

PMS is a leading Android app development company offering cost-effective Android mobile app solutions for enterprise-level brands and startups. Our mobile application engineers work directly with your product team or with the product owner; we work on the entire spectrum of the android platform.

PMS is a leading Ionic app development company in Canada & USA; using Ionic, a powerful open-source SDK, we build hybrid mobile apps with bold UI/UX interfaces, gorgeous animations, and stunning design. We provide the best Ionic app dev service, leveraging AngularJS and HTML5/ CSS3 to deliver fast, responsive native apps.

Imagine you only have to write the business logic for your iOS and Android apps once. PMS developers use Kotlin as a productive way to write server‑side applications that are compatible with the Java ecosystem. We use JVM frameworks and libraries to create powerful applications immediately.

PMS helps global businesses broaden their users on Android and iOS platforms by developing affordable yet fast, robust and high-performing mobile applications with a native UI/UX. PMS is a leading React Native app development company in Canada and the USA.

PMS has many experienced developers who know how to code using the innovative Swift code platform. Swift is interactive and fun, the syntax is concise yet expressive, and Swift includes modern features many developers have come to love. Swift code is safe by design and produces software that runs lightning-fast, essential for user experience.

PMS is a top Xamarin app development company that delivers cross-platform apps which integrate perfectly with any business requirement. Apps in Xamarin behave like native apps. PMS offers low-cost Xamarin development services to provide flexible & future-ready cross-platform applications.

Technologies we work with

Front End

PMS creates impressive and functional web user interfaces (UI) with optimum security for enterprise-class apps and consumer-facing projects using ReactJS. You can hire ReactJS developers from PMS whose expertise includes all the versions of ReactJS, from 0.3.0 to 16.6.3, as our central front-end technology.

PMS is a leading AngularJS development company providing end-to-end AngularJS development services by leveraging the powerful JavaScript-based AngularJS platform. You can hire AngularJS developers from PMS to build custom web and mobile applications that are extensible, readable, and expressive.

We use Microsoft TypeScript (TS) in conjunction with JS-based frameworks to implement flawless coding environments, resulting in faster and quality delivery of websites and applications. We are a leading web development company that hires expert TypeScript developers who explore, innovate, and master the latest technologies to create and deliver large-scale applications.

Vue.js app development services are at the forefront of our expertise in building single-page apps (SPAs), complicated web applications (PWAs), and progressive web apps (PWAs). Get best-in-class Vue.js solutions with intuitive and appealing interfaces by hiring Vue.js developers from PMS.

Get HTML5 development services with CSS3 & jQuery advantages with PMS a leading HTML5 web development company in Canada. A leading HTML5 app development company, we utilize HTML5 technology to offer high-quality yet affordable web and mobile application development services.

Technologies we work with


As a leading provider of expert MongoDB development services, PMS has kept expanding the horizons of client business by empowering scalability for decades. We hire experienced MongoDB developers to develop scalable and next-generation web apps and mobile apps.

Realm is a lightweight and battery-efficient mobile platform. Compared to CoreData & SQLite, Realm's mobile database is open source and developer-friendly. Currently available for Swift, Objective-C, Java, Kotlin, C#, and JavaScript. Data is stored locally, so apps work offline as well as online.

Configuring your business applications database shouldn't give you a headache. At PMS, our clients benefit from prompt and professional PostgreSQL development services to build robust and scalable websites and applications. The PostgreSQL DBMS provides you with all the features of expensive systems at a fraction of the cost and outstanding performance.

PMS is a leading MySQL application development company with over two decades of experience developing high-performance web & mobile applications. Develop superior dynamic database-driven business applications with Java and PHP by hiring MySQL developers from PMS.

PMS is a leading DynamoDB development company offering services to build applications for multiple industries utilizing Amazon DynamoDB database systems. We can create DynamoDB tables to store and retrieve data of any size and serve any level of request traffic.

Work with Firebase certified developers for building faster and scalable Android, iOS, web apps with high-performance back-end systems. We create real-time back-end web and mobile apps based on Firebase's features like synchronization and data storage in milliseconds.

Our Oracle DB application developers team offers excellence in cloud-based solutions, E-business suites, and custom-engineered advanced business intelligence solutions. With deep industry and technical expertise, PMS provides end-to-end Oracle database application development services.

From idea to the consumer, we develop beautiful back-end applications for Redis databases. The fastest open-source database can take your business applications to the next level when you hire Redis developers from PMS for top-quality development services. PMS can provide robust Redis DB solutions for any application need; ask us how.

Technologies we work with


The PMS Group is a leading PHP Web and Application Development services provider in Canada and the US. You can take advantage of the features this structured open-source scripting language offers and put them to work for your business site through our PHP development services.

We are simply the best Ruby on Rails (RoR) web development company in Canada and the USA using an open-source Rails framework to develop dynamic websites and applications. You can hire RoR developers from PMS to get all-in-one Ruby on Rails web development services at an affordable rate. Our Rails development team creates scalable and robust web applications using the Rails API and RubyGem package library.

As one of the top Java Web & App Development Companies in Canada & the United States, PMS offers a wide range of Java Web & App Development Services. A top Java software development company, we specialize in bespoke Java solutions using the latest technology in J2EE and J2ME frameworks.

We consistently deliver innovative, robust, secure, and scalable web and mobile app development solutions using Node.js development services, making IndiaNIC a leading company in this field. Build load-bearing infrastructure for heavily loaded applications by hiring our Node.js developers.

Python is the best choice for building web applications, a powerful, flexible and dynamic scripting language. A certified Python developer pool is available at PMS, a Python web development company. Choosing PMS Python developers to integrate robust automation solutions will allow you to keep up with the latest front-end and back-end trends, Python development frameworks, and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms.

Technologies we work with


With more than ten years of experience in Drupal development, PMS helps you benefit from this enterprise-ready content management system. Our Drupal developers provide a full range of Drupal web development services. Drupal to WordPress Migration Experts.

PMS is a top WordPress Website Development Company that will give your business the ultimate content management advantage. With our team of expert WordPress Developers, you can get custom WordPress Web development, including plugin and theme development.

PMS is a Joomla Web Development Company; we help you develop a highly scalable Joomla website for your business with this open-source content management system and custom Joomla component development. We are also experts at Joomla to WordPress migrations.

PMS is a leading Magento eCommerce development company in Canada & the USA that provides eCommerce development services designed for an online business irrespective of size and value to provide high customizability. PMS is Magento to Shopify Migration experts.

PMS has many experienced developers who know how to code using the innovative Swift code platform. Swift is interactive and fun, the syntax is concise yet expressive, and Swift includes modern features many developers have come to love. Swift code is safe by design and produces software that runs lightning-fast, essential for user experience.

Technologies we work with

Infra and DevOps

PMS is a leading DevOps consultancy and AWS cloud solutions developer with its affordable, reliable, flexible, and scalable cloud solutions. Develop AWS cloud applications, system implementations, integrations, and consultations for enhanced business solutions using AWS applications developed by AWS developers who have years of experience.

From PMS, you can hire Jenkins developers to run tests as they are being developed, including production. Continuous Integration improves software quality and process efficiency in agile software development environments. We offer Jenkin CI services to help speed up the error-free development process and prevent last-minute chaos.

PMS offers developers who can develop, integrate, and manage Google Cloud highly scalable and robust applications. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) consultation, system integration and implementation, and Google Cloud development for all businesses are provided by PMS, a leading Google Cloud solution provider.

In addition to leveraging Appium, a versatile open-source automation framework for testing mobile apps to improve quality, we provide expert mobile test automation services. Hire Appium developers from PMS to automate testing for Android, iOS, and cross-platform mobile applications with the best practices.

We assist businesses by accurately ensuring a perfectly executed development cycle and that your applications perform flawlessly across all the different platforms and mobile devices. With PMS, you can hire Gradle experts to build experienced testers with this well-known and trusted tool. We are automation experts.

PMS is a leading Selenium automation application testing company. We deliver quality websites and apps. Selenium testing services we offer are end-to-end - we develop robust scripts, configure test automation frameworks, maintain the frameworks, and offer training on test automation.


Working for any brand is a privilege, enterprise or startup; we work hard for you.

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