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Development Manager

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Creative Web Design & Software Development Consulting.

Address: 36 King Street

Job Group: Development

Engages in dialogue with stakeholders to understand problems and opportunities and makes recommendations for solutions to enable organizational goals. Establishes and cultivates excellent relationships with internal and external stakeholders. Informs, advises, and updates stakeholders by analyzing data and creating documents and plans. Provides requirements based on real business needs, is approved by all relevant stakeholders, and meets essential quality standards. Collaborates with the project team to conduct reviews and inspections to ensure the quality of work products.

• Manages complexity across multiple domains, including technology, business value, and user interaction.
• Understands various complexities and has the skills to solve them.
• Finds new ways to solve problems and create solutions to significant problems.
• Analyzes issues and associated implications for the business to recommend and implement solutions.
• Identifying emerging issues and trends to guide the business decision.
Ensures the project scope and benefits are clearly articulated and the risks associated with the seed funding request.
• Ensures groups can accept changes by informing stakeholders of their implications; makes recommendations accordingly.
• Prepares and delivers presentations to senior management.
• Participates in more extensive project planning activities.
• Provides coaching and support to analysts to improve the quality of their reports.
• Supports the Request for Information (RFI) or Request for Proposal (RFP) process with vendors.
• Prepares training materials for users and leads the development of end-user reference materials.
• Using methods such as reviews and walkthroughs, validate project stakeholders’ requirements and analysis models.
• Negotiates solutions to ensure system specifications meet expectations/requirements.
• Documents analyses to ensure their validity.
• Continually updates current requirements.
• Develops and implements statistical efficiency and data quality enhancement strategies for improving data collection.
• Analyzes, interprets and identifies trends in complex data sets.
• Identifying and correcting code errors by filtering and cleaning data and reviewing computer reports, printouts, and performance indicators.
• Keeps abreast of new insights, analytics and data visualization techniques and devises new ways to apply them.
• Analyzes data and provides ongoing reports using statistical methods.
Provides recommendations for improving the organization’s overall efficiency by integrating technological processes.
• Leads discussions with stakeholders and follows a structured approach to planning, eliciting, analyzing, documenting, communicating and managing requirements.
• Provides insights and analytical support to the project team.
In addition to sharing expertise to promote technical development, mentoring, building communities of practice and networks within PMS, and identify opportunities for improving business analysis capability.
• Participates in professional associations, practice communities and individual learning to stay current with industry technology and business trends.
• A primary focus is on the business/group within PMS; it may include a broader, enterprise-wide perspective.
• Providing specialized consulting, technical support, and analytical services.
• Demonstrates judgment by identifying, diagnosing, and solving problems within the constraints of established rules.
• Is capable of handling routine and non-routine situations.
• Have the ability to take on additional responsibilities if necessary.


• A minimum of five to seven years of relevant experience, a post-secondary degree in a related field, or equivalent education and experience.
• Java and Node.js experience
• AWS, Lambda, and DynamoDB know-how and experience
• Experience in SEO, Automotive, Agriculture, Aerospace, Minning, Retail and eCommerce.
• Demonstrates analytical skills by collecting, organizing, analyzing, and disseminating significant amounts of information with accuracy and precision.
• Demonstrates expertise in one or more analysis techniques and problem decomposition methods.
• Be able to apply applicable parts of the ‘Feasibility,’ ‘Requirements,’ and ‘Analysis’ phases to software development projects.
• Ability to write and document.
• Knows how core processes in his or her field of support work, and explains them to others.
• Extensive educational and business experience, as well as deep technical knowledge.
• Strong communication skills both verbally and in writing.
• Teamwork skills both in writing and verbally.
• Problem-solving and analytical skills – in depth.
• Influence skills.
• Making informed decisions based on data.

To apply for this job email your details to info@positionmysite.com