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Efficient Industrial IoT Solutions & Tailored App Development Services

IoT is unlocking vast potential with connected devices. As a leading IoT services provider, PMS delivers effective solutions through IoT applications for contemporary, interconnected systems, enhancing your business outreach.

IoT applications are utilized by diverse sectors to optimize operations and boost efficiency.

Including industries, businesses, and individuals. For example, the manufacturing industry leverages IoT applications for real-time equipment monitoring, predictive maintenance, and inventory management, increasing productivity and cost savings. Similarly, the agriculture sector uses IoT applications for precision farming, monitoring soil conditions, and tracking livestock health, improving crop yields and resource management.

Farming and Agri IOT

Agriculture and Farming IOT

Discover how IoT solutions in agriculture transform farming practices, enhance crop yields, and optimize resource management for a sustainable future.

Stability Climate Monitoring

IoT Climate Monitoring

Discover climate monitoring solutions for precise control, ensuring optimal conditions across applications and industries.

GPS Tracking for Livestock, Or Any type of Tracking

IoT GPS Tracking

Explore IoT-enabled GPS tracking systems for enhanced real-time location monitoring and data-driven decision-making.

Automotive IoT Innovations

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Smart IoT Solutions for Automotive

Leveraging Bluetooth-enabled OBD-2 devices, GPS, geofencing, and IoT technology, we create and provide comprehensive Connected Car solutions. These solutions collect real-time, continuous data about vehicles, locations, and other pertinent details to support a variety of business applications. IoT solutions for the automotive industry seamlessly integrate onboard sensors, custom mobile apps, and cloud storage with cutting-edge technology for data acquisition, enabling a wide range of IoT applications and solutions.

  • Vehicle Diagnostics with OBD-2
  • Remote Vehicle Observation
  • Driver Behavior Analysis & Security
  • Intelligent Fleet Management
  • Proactive Vehicle Upkeep
  • Advanced Transport & Logistics
  • Tracking School Buses

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Smart Retail IoT Solutions

Achieve a competitive edge in the retail sector with our cutting-edge IoT solutions. Drawing on 20+ years of experience in delivering IT solutions for retail businesses, we specialize in optimizing supply chain management through top-tier IoT applications and solution development. Our tailored smart retail solutions ensure enhanced customer experiences, driving customer retention and loyalty.

  • Intelligent Retail Supply Chain
  • Virtual Try-on with Smart Mirrors
  • Intelligent Shelves
  • Advanced POS Systems
  • NFC-based Payment Solutions
  • Proximity Marketing via BLE
  • Efficient Delivery Management
  • Automated Inventory & Warehousing
Smart Retail IoT Solutions
Intelligent Home Automation

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Intelligent Home Automation

We provide exceptional in-home experiences and lifestyles by harnessing IoT technology applications for the real estate sector. Our tailored Smart Home Automation solutions are proven, customer-focused, and customizable to cater to diverse client requirements. Our home automation offerings include Android and iOS app development for controlling and monitoring switches, door contacts, motion and light sensors, smart thermostats, indoor security cameras, smart locks, and more.

  • Efficient Waste Management
  • Home Security Enhancement
  • Water Leakage Detection
  • Smart Parking Management
  • IoT Sensors for Environment Monitoring & Control
  • IoT-based Mobile Apps for Appliance Management
  • Customized Scheduling
  • Access Control for Homes
  • Energy Conservation & Optimization

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Construction IoT Solutions

We assist enterprises and manufacturers in simplifying intricate business processes and boosting productivity through Industrial IoT applications. Our intelligent manufacturing and industry IoT solutions enable seamless machine-to-machine and human communication, ensuring real-time transparency. Additionally, we provide IoT applications for effective asset tracking, supply chain management, warehouse management, and delivery solutions.

  • Comprehensive Factory Automation
  • Remote Monitoring & Quality Assessments
  • IoT Sensor-based Equipment Tracking
  • Intelligent Asset Tracking Solutions
  • Advanced Warehouse Management Systems
  • Efficient Fleet Management Solutions
  • Tailored Web & Mobile Apps for Analysis
Construction IoT Solutions
Smart Healthcare Solutions

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Smart Healthcare Solutions

IoT technology has significantly benefited the healthcare industry, and we’re proud to contribute. We deliver customized smart healthcare solutions utilizing IoT, custom iOS and Android app development, AR-VR, AI-ML, wearables, and more. Our HIPAA-compliant healthcare IoT applications enable seamless management of EMR and EHR records, providing advantages to healthcare organizations, professionals, and patients.

  • Remote Health Monitoring
  • Ambulance Telemetry
  • Medication Tracking
  • Hospital Asset Tracking
  • Remote Patient Diagnostics
  • AI-ML Driven Health Diagnosis
  • Hospital Mobility Solutions
  • IoT for Health Insurance Providers
  • Apps for Medical IoT Devices
  • Intelligent Inventory Management

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Smart Energy Management

We empower businesses to save 30% on energy costs through our smart energy management solutions. By combining IoT sensors, AI-ML technology, and Big Data, businesses can gain valuable insights to reduce energy consumption and boost overall efficiency. Our IoT energy management solutions enable waste source identification, carbon footprint reduction, and enhanced predictive energy optimization.

  • Intelligent Meter Systems
  • Remote Energy Equipment Monitoring
  • Predictive Energy Optimization
  • Data Analytics for Energy Efficiency
Smart Energy Management

The Web Technologies We Specialize In

Our In-house Experts in Modern Web Technologies, Covering Front-end and Server-side Stacks

Integrated Intelligence Solutions for Your Applications by PMS.

Here are a few use cases demonstrating how we leverage AI and ML technologies to enhance your app, streamline operations, and improve user experience.

Connected Autonomous Vehicles

Explore the future of connected autonomous vehicles, transforming transportation with advanced technology and safety.

Implementing machine learning and deep learning algorithms enables computer vision systems to assist autonomous vehicles in making decisions that mimic human behaviour.

Farming and Cultivation with a Focus on Precision

Precision agriculture employs AI technology and IoT sensors to assist in identifying plant diseases, pests, and inadequate plant nutrition on farms.

Smart Homes that are Operated by Voice Commands

AI technology has led the construction of automated voice homes, whereby an app with enhanced security controls functions.

Forecasts About the Health of Patients.

Machine learning-based applications can enable doctors to anticipate patient needs in advance and potentially save lives by providing predictive insights based on patient data.

Mirrors with Augmented Reality Technology / Virtual Try-Ons.

Smart mirrors integrate sensors, displays, and computer vision-powered cameras to provide shoppers with personalized clothing recommendations based on current fashion trends.

Recommendation Engine

The system utilizes the user’s history to propose comparable products or services, much like the recommendations provided while shopping on Amazon or streaming content on Netflix.

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