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Field Walker™

Using Field WalkerTM, growers who utilize the NutriAnalytics platform can now easily capture all of the data and images required by agronomists and field specialists. The app generates their sample ID in real-time and allows them to upload it when they have access to mobile data or Wi-Fi.

About Project

Aside from drastically reducing the time between sampling fields, Field Walker makes it more likely that more pictures will be taken of the crop throughout the season.

As growers and their agronomists can see photos of the crop in real-time as well as NutriAnalytics recommendations throughout the season, they can make more informed decisions.

It will enhance the experience of growers and agronomists who use NutriAnalytics. It is our goal to continually improve not only the algorithms and models within the platform but the overall user experience as well. You can now download Field Walker from the App Store and from Google Play.

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Individual Account Login

The app allows you to log in while in a service coverage area or log onto Wifi.

Data Sync

The app lets you sync data to the NutriAnalytics database; data is synced before you go into an offline mode state.

Last Sync Date and Time

Know the last time the application synced your data, ensuring you always use the latest updates before uploading your samples for offline mode usage.

Tag a Sample

Click on Tag a Sample button, enter your sample data and let the app capture your exact location, which is saved along with your sample data.

View Pending Samples

View all of your pending samples which haven't been processed as of yet.

Samples Succesfully Uploaded

Users can see a list of samples that have been successfully processed and uploaded.

Nutriag Field Walker
Data Available On Demand

Field Walker lets you not only take samples but also allows users to see previously taken samples.

Keeps you Connected

Stay in touch with your NutriAnalytics suite even when you aren't in an area with proper cellular data coverage.

Take Samples Anywhere

FieldWalker gives growers, samplers and Agronomists the power to take field samples to save them to their device without having to worry about losing data.

Available on iOS Native & Android Native

Use either popular platform to stay connected and capture sample location data such as GPS sample location data without being connected to the internet.

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