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DevOps Services and Solutions | AWS & Google Cloud

DevOps Services | DevOps Engineers | Agile DevOps

Unlock the Full Potential of your Software Development Process with our Agile DevOps Solutions and Expert DevOps Engineers.

A good DevOps strategy helps to streamline the software development process and bridge the gap between development and operations teams. It enables organizations to release software faster, with higher quality and reliability.

IaaS services that we use and deploy

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To achieve continuous and progressive builds for application delivery, merging an efficient IT system seamlessly with the development workflow and business is essential in today’s digital world.

PMS is a top DevOps consulting and service provider that helps clients deliver large applications at the pace of their business. PMS offers Agile DevOps services to automate continuous delivery and create a predictive, well-organized, consistent ecosystem and operational workflow.

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Environment Setup
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Test Automation
  • Build Automation
  • Continuous Delivery

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Planning and Establishing a Strategy

Our well-planned DevOps orchestration strategy combines business goals, toolchains, development and operation teams, and streamlined IT processes with expert consultation to achieve efficient operations.

Test Automation | Continuous Integration Delivery | 3d Party API's - Platforms - APK | Experts in Database Management

We go beyond by adopting client-driven proprietary frameworks that are tailored to meet their specific needs.

DevOps orchestration strategy

Continuous planning in DevOps is essential as it allows for an agile approach to the ever-evolving landscape of software development and operations. This iterative methodology enables teams to quickly respond to changes in project requirements, market demands, and technology advancements. By consistently reassessing priorities and adapting strategies, organizations can ensure that their development and operations processes remain efficient, cost-effective, and aligned with their business objectives.

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Continuous Planning

Our expert DevOps consultants evaluate existing processes and systems to set client expectations and milestones for a complete roadmap through Continuous Planning. We use best practices and industry-leading software tools and frameworks like Docker, Puppet, Selenium, etc., to achieve seamless DevOps automation.

  • Establishing objectives and targets
  • Thorough assessment procedure
  • Devising a strategic plan
  • Visual representation of the plan

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Continuous Integration

By continuously integrating and validating code, developers have access to the most current version, which can prevent delays and improve collaboration. Multiple developers can confidently work on the same code, avoiding the need to integrate separate code sections on release day, which can be time-consuming and costly.

  • Validation of code
  • Technical infrastructure
  • Collaborative approach
  • Prevention of delays

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Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery (CD) is an approach in software development that enables automatic preparation of code changes made by different team members for a release to the production environment. At PMS, we utilize AWS CodePipeline to implement CD, allowing us to create a seamless workflow that includes building code in AWS CodeBuild, conducting automated tests, and deploying code with ease.

  • Risk assessment
  • Automated testing
  • Change control
  • Release planning
  • Performance tuning

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Continuous Monitoring

Our DevOps monitoring ensures optimal performance, availability, and functionality by proactively identifying and addressing issues before they impact end-users. We employ comprehensive monitoring policies, including pre-production and production environment monitoring and Application Monitoring Tools (APM) covering Web, API, and Infrastructure monitoring.

  • Providing continual feedback
  • Aligning client expectations with project goals
  • Implementing ongoing monitoring of systems and processes
  • Ensuring achievement of business objectives
  • Conducting continuous functionality monitoring

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AWS CI Workflow

We merge DevOps methodologies with AWS offerings to facilitate faster and more dependable development and delivery of products.

The Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions that we employ.

Infrastructure as a Service

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