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What we believe at PMS

A successful journey for the last twelve years goes hand in hand with PMS, representing togetherness for a family of people who want to create unique digital products. With the help of our technological expertise, the PMS team strives to transform innovative ideas into reality.

About Us: Who We Are & What We Do

A little bit about us, PMS has developed a reputation for delivering various industry-leading mobility solutions in Canada thanks to our vision. The goal is to create new possibilities by leveraging today’s and tomorrow’s technologies to empower clients and businesses with the utmost quality, satisfaction, and transparency.

We have established ourselves as a leading Canadian IT company behind many popular industry-led mobility solutions in web and mobile app development using future-facing technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), AI-ML, AR-VR, voice assistants, voice skills and DevOps.

In addition to our certified tech experts, we have a dedicated R&D team, which has continually challenged itself to provide a broad scope of IT services and solutions for a global clientele. Through collaboration with our team, our clients can save money on project development and receive projects faster.

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In any business, the customer is always king. Our definition as a leading company that develops web and mobile apps extends far beyond our direct customers. Whenever you come to us with your ideas, we start with what you have in mind. Then, we think from your perspective, considering their pain points and devising a solution that will benefit your organization.

It all starts with communication. Sometimes we often find that we talk too much. It doesn't sound fantastic, but it ends up working wonders for our clients. In collaboration with our clients near and far, we stay in touch with platforms and mediums that allow transparency, accuracy, and effectiveness.

A Canadian Digital IT software development company with over 12 years of experience, we have a great set of frameworks and top-notch infrastructure that enable us to deliver solutions of superior quality at all times. Over the years, we have learned how to prevent failures and replicate successes. Quality is not the only thing we offer. On-time delivery is also a priority.

Defining our core values

Reliable and high-quality services in the software development industry

Our clients' revenue increased by an average of 90% in their first year.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

The success we’ve tasted over the years has primarily been attributed to our clients. Client satisfaction is the cornerstone of our ecosystem. Collaboration is not a problem for us to sharpen insights for the perfect execution of our offerings. Praise from clients makes us happy, and we’d crave that. PMS has an insatiable appetite for praise.

The methodology that focuses on results

Our success is based on the vision we have and how we execute it. We adhere to our values throughout the recruitment process and deliverables as well. We hire motivated people with the correct skill sets and attitudes. Client expectations are essential to delivering quality results, so we want people to work with us.

About us, integrity in all things

Our About Us section wouldn’t be complete without emphasizing the central role integrity plays as our core value, shaping every aspect of our work. In business and daily life, it’s about honouring our commitments, being honest, and being fair. Those of us who belong to this family believes in teamwork and live by one mantra: to die with memories, not dreams. Those memories are made with our friends as well as with our clients.

Work at a great company

PMS consists of a few things that make it a family. We love our peeps. PMS is not about promises, global recognitions, or testimonials. Diversity of thought, cultures, and people are embraced with respect—mentorship and success stories are great ways to inspire. Yes, PMS cares for its most precious resource, its employees. We don’t have robots here, but real people!

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